[rescue] Sun Sparcstation IPC (water-damaged) - $20

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Dec 15 23:16:58 CST 2015

[These next two lines were both unquoted parts of the same original
message; the quoting seems to have been mangled somewhere along the

> [...] Sparcstation IPC [...]

>> Includes a quad ethernet card (can't remember if it's 10/100 or not)

It could be either.  The qec was quad qe (10-only), the qfe was a quad
fe (I forget whether that's 100-only or 10/100).

> A quad NIC in an IPC?  Aside from being a proof of concept/test bed
> could it handle any real traffic on multiple ports?

Yes, for IPC-era values of "real traffic".  Probably not today, in an
age when anything less than gigabit is considered slow.

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