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Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Tue Dec 15 16:21:31 CST 2015

Hi Chris

> On 15 Dec 2015, at 20:47, chris t <liff at i360.com> wrote:
> Peter Stokes wrote:
>> Hi All
>> First, thanks for all the reponses, especially those who said caps......
>> Looks like I managed to isolate it down to one cap on one of the LCD
boards. I
>> replaced with a discrete cap of similar value and it now works steadily,
>> ordered a SMD part of the correct value, so will know for sure when I fit
>> that.
> That's excellent.  Can you give more detail on your troubleshooting steps
and symptoms?  I might take a stab at fixing mine.

I guess it depends on your symptoms?

Mine were that the display changed when it warmed up, so I tried to
systematically use freezer spray sparingly on the various areas of the LCD
boards. There appear to be at least a couple of boards, but the main one has
some large caps and adjustable pots.

The basic idea is to see which areas changed the display when the freezer is

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