[rescue] Sun Voyager

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Tue Dec 15 10:55:52 CST 2015

Hi All

First, thanks for all the reponses, especially those who said caps......

Looks like I managed to isolate it down to one cap on one of the LCD boards. I
replaced with a discrete cap of similar value and it now works steadily, have
ordered a SMD part of the correct value, so will know for sure when I fit

The disk issue turned out to be just a bad install, I had not tried to install
up to this point with the faulty screen. I booted up a CD and tested with
analyse under format, no bad blocks and then installed Sol 7 without any

So onto the next issue, I now I have a bit of a show stopper.... The ethernet
is not working.

If I try to net boot it says it fails the internal loopback test, if I fire up
Solaris all looks ok, just will not talk to anything, but does not return an
error. Anyone have any ideas on what is wrong? Sounds like a faulty chip, but
never having played with these systems before, not sure.

Can you use the cardbus slot to add an extra ethernet?



Hi All

I always fancied having one of these since they were announced by Sun, well
20+ years on I actually found one for sale and at a give away price. This is
for keeping not selling BTW....!

Not surprisingly the NVRAM is shot, and the disk has errors, but all easily
remedied. The system POSTs fine so all is good except the screen.

The screen works no problem LCD wise, it just has a tendency to lose sync or
something after a while, or if I adjust the pots on the screen at startup and
then goes reasonably ok, but not perfect. I have tried freezer without
pinpointing the issue.

I would like to resolve it, so anyone have any experience with the screens on
these or anyone have one they have no further use for?

Peter Stokes
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