[rescue] Sun Voyager

Ian McLaughlin ian at platinum.net
Mon Dec 14 12:18:35 CST 2015

> On Dec 14, 2015, at 9:54 AM, Peter Stokes <peter at ashlyn.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi All
> I always fancied having one of these since they were announced by Sun, well
> 20+ years on I actually found one for sale and at a give away price. This
> for keeping not selling BTW....!
> Not surprisingly the NVRAM is shot, and the disk has errors, but all easily
> remedied. The system POSTs fine so all is good except the screen.
> The screen works no problem LCD wise, it just has a tendency to lose sync
> something after a while, or if I adjust the pots on the screen at startup
> then goes reasonably ok, but not perfect. I have tried freezer without
> pinpointing the issue.
> I would like to resolve it, so anyone have any experience with the screens
> these or anyone have one they have no further use for?


Regarding the hard drive, itbs a 2.5b
 SCSi drive - rare beast to find.
Mine died, so I boot mine from an external SCSI drive.

As for the video tearing up - have you checked the status of power supplies?
To me that sounds like possibly bad caps in the supply.


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