[rescue] [off-topic] What was this markup language?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Dec 8 08:45:09 CST 2015

> The only thing I know is people seem to be producing .ps documents, I
> see a lot of them in certain areas.  I have no idea if that is the
> output of something else or whether they write them natively.

Almost all of them are the output of something else.  A very few people
write PostScript directly, but that (a) is relatively rare and (b) is
almost always when someone is treating PostScript as a general-purpose
programming language (with, sometimes, output via a printed page or
some substitute) rather than as a page description language.

For example, I have written PostScript directly to generate printed
pages with dots where coordinates are relatively prime, with the
computation done in the printer.  I've written PostScript directly to
generate `bent' text, text wrapped around a circular centre with full
letter shape distortion.  But not even I have actually written
PostScript directly when the point was to be a text document and
PostScript just happened to be the page description language for it.
It would be akin to marking up a document by inserting Diablo escape
sequences manually, to harken back to the days of microspacing
daisy-wheel printers.

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