[rescue] [off-topic] What was this markup language?

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Tue Dec 8 07:37:52 CST 2015

> [...some kind of markup language...dots in column 1...]

Sounds akin to RUNOFF, which I ran into under VMS; since you were on a
DEC-20, there may have been some relationship between the two.

> Years went by and I forgot all about that.  When I started wondering
> about it again I thought it must have been PostScript.

It may have been called PostScript, but it wasn't the language
currently known by that name, which is a general-purpose language tuned
for page description.

> I am nearly certain it was not Tex or LateX

It certainly wasn't TeX being used in its usual way. (LaTeX is just a
macro package for TeX - a large one, but still.)

> Next question, other than LaTeX, are there any good choices in simple
> markup languages suitable for writing letters and resumes, etc.?

I'm not sure I'd call LaTeX `simple', but me, no, I don't have anything
to suggest there.

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