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> Sociopathic.  That particular kind of 'smart' - don't get caught, always
> maintain plausible deniability - is part of it.  We have made the
> terrible mistake of allowing upper management culture *nationwide* to be
> fossil fuels were changing the global climate, or Wal-Mart forcing the
> taxpaying public to subsidize their payroll by paying their floor staff
> so little they still qualify for public assistance *as a deliberate policy*.

Yep - that's the word.  Being directly involved (read: in the crosshairs)
of said situation was how shall I say ... interesting.  I still shake my
head at some of the shenanigans that went down.  The interesting part is
it usually takes "normal" people awhile to figure out that their leader is
a sociopath, and by that time the damage is already done.

Regarding the Wal-Mart comment (which I fully agree with and have read
articles describing such) - I'm not one to say "there ought to be a law"
but what is the fix?  For whatever reason, even if some people think
"That doesn't seem right ..." (large) companies will continue to get away
with all they can because "Hey, it's legal.".   What's the fix?  (being a
technology person, not being able to come up with a fix rubs me the wrong
way ...)

Similar to what I read in earlier posts - make the minimum wage $15?
Great!  Folks just want to work less because even at $15 it seemingly
benefits them "more" to stay on assistance.  I don't have a fix here,

I am cc'ing this to geeks just in case folks want to move it off rescue
... ;)  This time I have no ObRescue content.


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