[rescue] On The Hunt: SBUS Transputer Link Card

John Floren john at jfloren.net
Thu Dec 3 19:10:34 CST 2015

Wow, looks like you found it as I was finishing up my master's there
at RIT. Wish I'd have known at the time! I did snag a sweet desk with
built-in rackmount under one side that had once housed some sort of HP
system, I found it in the CIS building.


On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 4:43 PM, Bob Krzaczek <krz at cis.rit.edu> wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 04, 2015 at 08:23:18AM +1100, Richard Edwards wrote:
>> On Fri, 4 Dec 2015, at 08:13 AM, Dave McGuire wrote:
>> > On 12/03/2015 04:04 PM, Richard Edwards wrote:
>> > > I am looking for an SBUS Transputer Link Card to go into my SS20
>> > > and allow me to connect into my Transputer cluster.  Something
>> > > link the ALTA Tech or Parsytec BBK4 would be great but I am very
>> > > open given my situation.
>> >
>> >   Oh yeah, like THAT'S gonna turn up. ;) Let me know if you find
>> >   two!  I have a bunch of Transputer stuff here that I'm dying to
>> >   find time to hack on.
>> [...] Folks looks like we are looking for 2 ;-)
> Back in July of 2010, I posted here to unload a Parsytec cluster that
> was saved from the recycler.  I think it was Ian Finder that found it
> prohibitively expensive to ship cross country, but maybe someone else
> is closer?  It's pretty nontrivial...
> Digging through this, I found an off-list email from Damien Carlier
> from earlier this year.  Damien, if you're still out there, I
> apologize so much for letting that thread go silent.  Please reply to
> this thread if you're at all interested!  Richard, Dave, I think
> Damien should get first dibs, and then you two can rumble.
> I ***really*** don't want to part this out, little by little; I'd
> rather see it go intact to a good home... or at least in big chunks.
> I know you two are only interested in the SBUS link card, but if you
> or anyone else on the Rescue list would take more, I'd really
> appreciate it.
> The decription is copied below.  All but the Exabyte is still around,
> I believe.  They loved themselves some 8mm when they were using this
> gear.
>     Having been the recipient of some recent good will, I'm going to
>     try and keep this ball rolling.  "Paying it forward," if you will.
>     36 node Parsytec parallel computer, in three MC-3 cabinets.  Each
>     cabinet weighs somewhere around 65 lbs, and is about 9-1/2" high,
>     22" wide, and 23-1/2" deep.  They stack, of course.
>     Each MC-3 contains 12 TPM-MPC processor boards.  Each board has a
>     T805 Transputer, a PPC 604, and 32 MB local RAM.  There's a spare
>     (37th) board, too.
>     All the manuals, all the cabling.  Software, too, and I'll throw
>     in the Exabyte 8mm tape drive that the software is on.
>     These were the systems with the programmable backplanes.  You
>     could arrange your processors in a star, a cube, daisy chain, etc.
>     Pretty cool.  Heck, I'll even fish around and dig up the Axil
>     (SPARCstation 5 clone) system that front-ended it, if you want.
>     :-)
>     Come on, you know you want to... *laugh*
>     Bob
> I might be able to still dig up an/the Exabyte drive, but I'm nearly
> certain that everything else offered there is still intact.
> The zipcode here is 14623.
> Cheers,
> Bob
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