[rescue] On The Hunt: SBUS Transputer Link Card

Bob Krzaczek krz at cis.rit.edu
Thu Dec 3 17:43:15 CST 2015

On Fri, Dec 04, 2015 at 08:23:18AM +1100, Richard Edwards wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Dec 2015, at 08:13 AM, Dave McGuire wrote:
> > On 12/03/2015 04:04 PM, Richard Edwards wrote:
> > > I am looking for an SBUS Transputer Link Card to go into my SS20
> > > and allow me to connect into my Transputer cluster.  Something
> > > link the ALTA Tech or Parsytec BBK4 would be great but I am very
> > > open given my situation.
> >
> >   Oh yeah, like THAT'S gonna turn up. ;) Let me know if you find
> >   two!  I have a bunch of Transputer stuff here that I'm dying to
> >   find time to hack on.
> [...] Folks looks like we are looking for 2 ;-)

Back in July of 2010, I posted here to unload a Parsytec cluster that
was saved from the recycler.  I think it was Ian Finder that found it
prohibitively expensive to ship cross country, but maybe someone else
is closer?  It's pretty nontrivial...

Digging through this, I found an off-list email from Damien Carlier
from earlier this year.  Damien, if you're still out there, I
apologize so much for letting that thread go silent.  Please reply to
this thread if you're at all interested!  Richard, Dave, I think
Damien should get first dibs, and then you two can rumble.

I ***really*** don't want to part this out, little by little; I'd
rather see it go intact to a good home... or at least in big chunks.
I know you two are only interested in the SBUS link card, but if you
or anyone else on the Rescue list would take more, I'd really
appreciate it.

The decription is copied below.  All but the Exabyte is still around,
I believe.  They loved themselves some 8mm when they were using this

    Having been the recipient of some recent good will, I'm going to
    try and keep this ball rolling.  "Paying it forward," if you will.

    36 node Parsytec parallel computer, in three MC-3 cabinets.  Each
    cabinet weighs somewhere around 65 lbs, and is about 9-1/2" high,
    22" wide, and 23-1/2" deep.  They stack, of course.

    Each MC-3 contains 12 TPM-MPC processor boards.  Each board has a
    T805 Transputer, a PPC 604, and 32 MB local RAM.  There's a spare
    (37th) board, too.

    All the manuals, all the cabling.  Software, too, and I'll throw
    in the Exabyte 8mm tape drive that the software is on.

    These were the systems with the programmable backplanes.  You
    could arrange your processors in a star, a cube, daisy chain, etc.
    Pretty cool.  Heck, I'll even fish around and dig up the Axil
    (SPARCstation 5 clone) system that front-ended it, if you want.

    Come on, you know you want to... *laugh*


I might be able to still dig up an/the Exabyte drive, but I'm nearly
certain that everything else offered there is still intact.

The zipcode here is 14623.


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