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Thu Dec 3 10:37:57 CST 2015

On Thu, Dec 03, 2015 at 09:28:17AM -0600, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> > On Dec 3, 2015, at 1:31 AM, microcode at zoho.com wrote:
> >
> > Several of the software companies I have worked for have tried to get ISO
> > certification for the development process.
> I assume you mean ISO9001 certification.

Yeah or whatever was in vogue at the time.

> I worked for two companies that sought ISO9001 certification, it basically
> boiled down to this:
> Do you have a quality process?
> Have you documented your quality process?
> Do your employees know the quality process?
> Do your employees follow the quality process?

If that was all there was to it they would have adopted it. In both cases
the companies spent a lot of money and didn't ever certify. Not sure why.

> The quality process can be as simple as solicit feedback from clients,
> document & track feedback from clients, correlate product changes to customer
> feedback.

That all sounds pretty standard.

> The above is, of course, simplified, but not much. ISO9001 consultants like to
> talk about the fish restaurant in Japan that was ISO9001 certified - their
> quality process was apparently based on 'How are we doing?' Feedback cards on
> the tables...

Don't you mean the fish restaurant in Korea where all the patrons are using
Samsung and LG phones made in China ;-)

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