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I don't mind the rant.  The scary thing is that in education in my area of the
world, principals and vice-principals must have an MBA.  Connect the dots. Now
you know one reason I retired.


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>> Subject: Re: [rescue] [geeks] Looking for a sysadmin gig in
>>  Suits do it for short-term bonuses they get for the cost reduction.
>> They pocket those bonuses, and then usually jump ship before everything
>> goes to hell.  It's a fairly common suit trick.
> The horrible thing is, I have seen it in industries separately that have
> nothing to do with one another.  From a CEO at a bank changing data
> processing systems (why didn't you do your due diligence and pick this
> particular one product while giving just lip service to the others?  Oh
> yeah, you're getting "paid" somehow, but smart (or is it sociopath?)
> enough to not make it obvious.)   The funny part?  He eventually jumped
> ship before being run out on a rail (his luck finally run out) and of
> course left mess in his wake.  One year after he landed at a new company
> ... you guessed it!  Switched to that same data processing system.  You do
> the math.  It just doesn't pass the smell test IMHO.
> ... To healthcare where a company is purchased (they call it
> "partnership") and you KNOW the folks at the top are being "paid" somehow,
> so far removed from the original religious/caring/original mission etc
> aspect of the organization that it makes me wonder why you still call
> yourself nuns.  The partnership company is so large and monolithic that
> they are the poster-children for "left hand doesn't know what the right
> hand is doing.".
> I've always said - not that I want to be the CEO of a company but I've
> sure learned what NOT to do by watching all of these other people.
> Apologies for the rant. Dave and I share the opinion on suits/MBAs and
> such and most of the time I try not to reply when the topic is steered in
> that direction.  This time I couldn't help myself. :)
> ObRescue: while it's not big gear or Sun, I rescued three serviceable
> PeeCees yesterday and am going to make one (possibly two, or maybe all
> three?) good one out of the three, and donate them to friends of mine
> who either never had a computer and/or couldn't afford one.
> Fred
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