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Wed Dec 2 07:54:00 CST 2015

Sometimes, it is much better to stick around and train your replacements.

A friend of mine stayed around to train his replacement.  He was an IT
Project manager type at that company.
The company sent him to Europe to train people in the out-sourced call
center.  3 weeks pay, travel abroad, nice accommodations, good people, time
for a week of vacation in Europe.
The company gave him all his IT equipment (laptop, desktop, etc.) and paid
for retraining and a stipend while he retrained.  The training was months
long.  And the company paid for his certification tests.
He found a position as a Limited-Time-Employee (LTE) at a large IT
consulting/integrator/hardware company and has worked the same contract for
about four years.
The company offered a package for the out-sourced IT employees if they
helped with training.
Those who refuses received a straight severance package.
He asked for a better deal when he agreed to train the replacements and the
company gave him one.

Being bin the knowb, there is always the possibility of turning a painful
experience into a delightful one.  Most out-sourced employees that I am
familiar with donbt ask/negotiate in this type of situation.

Maybe you can get a sweetheart deal like my friend.

On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 9:37 PM, Steve Sandau <ssandau at gwi.net> wrote:

> Just FYI, today I started my fourth week at cPanel (cpanel.com) here in
>> Houston.  It's a *great* company to work for - tons of little perks, lunch
>> catered every day, good bunch of sysadmin coworkers I share a room with.
> I am pleased to hear you are doing OK, Mr. Bill. Hopefully I do as well;
> my department has been outsourced as of next April. Maybe I won't need to
> stick around to teach someone else how to do my job.
> Steve
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