[rescue] AT&T 3B2 revival

Alan Hightower alan at alanlee.org
Wed Aug 19 18:18:54 CDT 2015

On 2015-08-19 15:25, Dave McGuire wrote: 

> On 08/18/2015 11:53 AM, Alan Hightower wrote: 
>> Forgive me not quoting a previous email as I just joined the list. I
>> am here to stay though. To disagree with Dave M. a bit, the 3B2 isn't
>> very well documented at all.
> Jeeze, I even found the documentation for the expansion bus, with
> enough detail to design new I/O boards for it. I'd call that
> well-documented, but perhaps I'm accustomed to working with more obscure
> stuff.

If you mean the two documents Al dug up a few months back, that is all
there is. And trust me, there is more to it than that. It only details
the electrical interface. Each card bus masters and has a fifo addresses
assigned by the master and a protocol the runs over the fifo defined in
the SVR3 source (rather obscurely). So if you can elaborate on where I
can get the documents describing that, I would love to have them. There
is no documentation other than the SVR3 source itself that details the
WE32xxx view of the machine. 


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