[rescue] Seeking keyboard for an AT&T / Teletype BLIT 5620 termiinal

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Aug 11 09:56:46 CDT 2015

I made a quick call, and my keyboard lead is no good - "all that stuff is
long gone"...

Sorry I can't help.


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  Subject: Re: [rescue] Seeking keyboard for an AT&T / Teletype BLIT
  From: "Steve Hatle" <shatle at nfldinet.com>
  Date: Tue, August 11, 2015 7:49 am
  To: "The Rescue List" <rescue at sunhelp.org>

  I may have a lead on a keyboard - long shot, but I will follow up.
  Glad I haven't had to deal with the adhesive rotting on my screen -
  like a fun job :-)
  Do you have the blit "demo" software? I have layers on my 3B2/300,
  not the demo package that runs all the graphical toys. Would love to
  that if anyone out there has it.
  Oh - and nice Otrona Attache. I have one of those squirrelled away
  somewhere in the basement.

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  Subject: [rescue] Seeking keyboard for an AT&T / Teletype BLIT 5620
  From: Ian Finder <ian.finder at gmail.com>
  Date: Tue, August 11, 2015 3:30 am
  To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>

  Hi folks,

  Sorry for the begspam, but I've recently restored a DMD 5620
  terminal- as
  chronicled on my instagram- http://instagram.com/tr1nitr0n

  I've picked up a 3B2 / 400 to run it, and a Depraz mouse. I cleaned
  screen rot and repaired the board. I've even got layers running. I'm

  The one issue? I'm running on a borrowed keyboard.

  I can, at worst, reverse engineer the protocol. But I'd really love
  to get
  my hands on the right one.

  There is one on eBay at the moment-- This is exactly what I'm looking

  http:/ /www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-COMPUTER-AT-T-TELETYPE-5620-BLI

  ***but*** the price I believe is a bit silly-- so even if I could
  afford it
  I might not be inclined to do so.

  If anyone has one of these kicking about they'd be willing to sell me
  somewhat less than the listing above, I would be eternally grateful.


  - Ian

  Ian Finder
  (206) 395-MIPS
  ian.finder at gmail.com
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