[rescue] Whither Solaris 10

Steven M Jones smj+rescue at crash.com
Tue Apr 28 16:30:09 CDT 2015

Jerry Kemp wrote:
> Has any other version been stuck on on version anywhere as long as
> Solaris 10 without the owning company going TU?

Sun's shopping itself to the likes of IBM, HP, and eventually being
acquired by Oracle in 2009 doesn't count as "going tits up?"

Derrik Walker v2.0 wrote:
> For what it's worth, SGI supported IRIX 6.5 for about a decade and a
> half - I'd have too look up the exbact dates, but I'm pretty sure it
> came out in the late '90's and was supported up until the end of '13. 

And FWIW they were consumed - or hollowed out and worn like a flesh
costume - by Rackable in 2009.

More to the point - I think? - the last IRIX release (6.5.30 in 2006)
was only something like eight years after the initial release of 6.5
(1998). If you want to compare it to the release of IRIX 6.0 that was
1994, but the 6.x IRIX releases weren't clear major/minor release
progressions as you might expect from the numbering scheme.

I doubt any of this means anything. You have to expect dead companies to
show up periodically in this industry, and I guess particularly on a
Sun-themed mailing list...


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