[rescue] SparcStorage Array

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Fri Apr 17 14:13:59 CDT 2015

On 17 apr. 2015, at 14:55, William Enestvedt <wenestvedt at gmail.com> wrote:
>   We used one of these on an E3000 for some years, but only ever with
> Solaris 2.6 and then, briefly, with Solaris 8. Will you keep it on the
> SS20 with Sol 9, or do you intend to move it, now that you know it
> works?

Today Ive spent some time screwing disk brackets on disks. The array is now
fully loaded, with 2x SUN1.05G, 12x SUN2.1G, 9x SUN4.2G, 1x SUN9.0G and 4x
SUN18G (of which only 16GB is accessible). One disk did not get recognized and
this seems a problem in the array itself. Oh well.

I plan on keeping this on Solaris 9, which I believe is the last to support
the SSA out-of-the-box. Its not meant to be a production system.


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