[rescue] looking for IBM System/36 software

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Thu Apr 9 10:20:09 CDT 2015

On Thu, 9 Apr 2015, Dave McGuire wrote:

> On 04/09/2015 08:30 AM, Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> As I recall, the AS/400s were also very interesting machines - from a
>> technology implementation perspective. I seem to recall they could emulate (in
>> microcode?) earlier System/36-type systems...
>  As I understand it, one or two very early models of AS/400 have this
> ability.  Apparently they can run an entire copy of SSP (the System/36
> operating system) in what amounts to a virtual machine.


>  Very interesting indeed.
>  I am hoping to learn a lot more about that.  There's some very
> interesting technology in those machines.  All my life I had dismissed
> them as dull, closed, "all business" machines, where my focus has always
> been on scientific computing.  But dull they most certainly are
> not...those IBMers did some really good stuff in those designs.  They
> really knew what they were doing.

Write an emulator! ;)

>                -Dave

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