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Mon Sep 29 08:54:10 CDT 2014

Okay, I don't think there's any realistic chance I'm going to want all
this old Sun stuff I've been hanging onto; indeed, there's a decent
chance I'm never going to want _any_ of it.  What chance there is is
mostly in case I want to run some VMEbus hardware (for example, I think
I have a relatively good VME A->D board somewhere).

So I've got a bunch of 9U VME Sun stuff looking for a new home.  This
is all in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada).  I might be convinced to ship, but
I would much prefer pickup; I have neither materials to pack this stuff
properly nor even the knowledge to tell what materials I would need.

I have three 9U VME machines.  They worked last time I turned them on,
but that was long enough ago that I hesitate to recommend depending on
anything being in working condition.  (How long?  At least a decade,
maybe two.  They have been stored indoors - in human living quarters,
not garages or warehouses or the like - for that time.)  I also have
some twenty-plus 9U VME boards which are not in cardcages.

All part numbers here are ten-finger copies and thus may contain typos.
If you suspect I've made a mistake, I can doublecheck.

Machine 1:

501-1206 -3/2xx CPU
non-Sun RAM (size unknown)
empty slot
501-1102 8M RAM with HW patch, component side
empty slot
501-1451 32M RAM with HW patch, foil side
501-1045 in 9U-to-6U adapter (internal SCSI)
501-1058 GB graphics buffer [*]
501-1055 GP graphics processor [*]
501-1170 internal SCSI, 501-1236 in 9U-to-6U adapter [*]
501-1116 cg3 framebuffer
blank slot cover

The three boards marked [*] have the top lever broken off.  The two
boards marked "HW patch" suffered physical damage to a component; in
each case, I soldered in a replacement, which worked as far as I could
tell.  But they do require that the slot adjacent to them be empty - as
configured above, the empty slot between them satisfies this criterion
for both boards at once.  I haven't inspected those patches to see
whether they still look in good shape, but, unless etch runs have torn
loose or some such, at worst they should need a little soldering.  The
"internal SCSI" boards have no connectors on their back panels; they
appear to be designed to plug ribbon cables onto for use inside the

Machine 2:

501-1206 -3/2xx CPU
blank slot cover
501-1102 8M RAM
501-1102 8M RAM
blank slot cover
501-1254 32M RAM
501-1217 SCSI, DD-50 back-panel connector
blank slot cover
empty slot
501-1116 cg3 framebuffer
empty slot
empty slot

Machine 3 is not accessible enough for me to give an inventory of its
cardcage; I am convalescing from minor surgery at the moment and am not
supposed to do significant physical exertion yet, so inventorying that
one will have to wait a week or two, unless I can find help moving the
things on top of it.  Fuzzy memory says it's a Sun-4/470, but I'm also
not sure I didn't empty it out of boards before my last move, so the
boards from it could be in the list below.

The boards not currently in any cardcages:

501-1164 -3/xxx CPU
501-1217 SCSI, DD-50 back-panel connector
501-1153 AUI Ethernet
501-1134 -3/110 CPU
non-Sun RAM, size unknown
501-1153 AUI Ethernet
501-1153 AUI Ethernet
non-Sun RAM, size unknown
501-1132 4M RAM
501-1333 32M RAM
501-1333 32M RAM
501-1217 SCSI, DD-50 back-panel connector
501-1217 SCSI, DD-50 back-panel connector
501-1203 16-channel ALM
501-1539 IPI disk interface
501-1381 -4/470 CPU

There are also a handful more which need special remark.

There are two 501-1584s.  This board looks like an AUI Ethernet, but
when I look up the 501-1584 number, it is apparently combination SCSI
and Ethernet; I don't know whether the SCSI functionality is

There is a board whose tag says it's a 501-1165, but that number
appears to be a VME/Multibus adapter; the markings and connectors on
the back panel make this out to be an ALM board.

There is a non-Sun board from ILLIMITE INC, of Rochester NY; I don't
know what it's for, except that its back panel doesn't give any hints,
reducing the list of plausible candidates.

There are two boards which have lost their plastic tags.  I also have
two torn-off plastic tags, which likely but not certainly are from
those boards; they say 501-1381 and 501-1217.  One of the boards is
SCSI, a 501-1236 in an adapter to 3U; that is probably the 501-1217.
The other is a CPU board.  The ROMs are marked 525-1103 through
525-1106; combined with the other plastic tag (501-1381) and a brief
look over the board, I think this is probably another -4/470 CPU board.

I will be watching both my mailbox and the list for replies, but, given
email's unreliability these days, I recommend not counting on it.  If
you have trouble getting through by email and you care to bother, I
should be reachable at +1 613 482 0910.  (That number goes through a
VoI system I'm the primary geek behind, which puts me in enough control
of its behaviour that I don't mind posting it here - it's temporary
anyway; I'll take it down in at most a few months.)

I also have enough of the small Allen-wrench screws Sun used to hold
these boards into their cardcages that I can supply them for any boards
that don't have them.

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