[rescue] Available Items (Indianapolis)

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Wed Sep 24 06:20:55 CDT 2014


I'll be back in Indianapolis this coming weekend and need to find
homes for the following. They are free for pick-up only. I do not have
the time or funds to ship them. They need to be picked up Sep 26-28th.

1) Tandy Dot-Matrix printer. The printer has 2x modes, one does
straight IBM-PC B&W emulation. The other is color Epson LQ-2500. It
takes fanfold paper (I think I have a small amount with the printer.)
I believe I have a spare ribbon or two as well.

2) Parallel-port based flatbed scanner. I think it's a UMAX or similar
type of B-list brand.

+32 0 486 260 686

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