[rescue] Cable Balls (and other stuff)`

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Fri Sep 19 23:01:14 CDT 2014

On Wed, Sep 17, 2014 at 03:10:40PM -0400, Stephen Conley wrote:
> I have one or two "cable balls" in my possession, which are
> semi-tangled balls of old cables that I will probably never use.

I also have a pile of Sun cables that I inherited.  They are on the
"do something with this" pile (much of which I need to post to this
list).  IIRC old SCSI cables and some wierdo-monitor cables.  Same
deal applies, pay shipping for the ball, or if you really need one
particular one, email me off-list.

In a different vein ...

As for my "more recent" HP DL360/DL380 G1-G4 gear and Dell PE 2550 up
to 2850, I'll deliver in the Austin, TX, area, or you can come get them.
I can also get more; my work usually scraps them.  We're only keeping
G5s and 2950s and later at this point.  Even the Sun v210/v240s are
not attracting much interest on eBay; there are still some v215s/v245s
in the pipeline which we will list.

The older HPs and Dells are ... taking up room here.  I can live with
piles of extra cables, hard drives, power supplies, and such, but there's
about 20U that needs to leave RSN because they're in the way :-)


OK, 24U.  Final offer.


28U.  Seriously.

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