[rescue] Cable Balls

Stephen Conley cheetah at tanabi.org
Wed Sep 17 14:10:40 CDT 2014

Hi guys;

I have one or two "cable balls" in my possession, which are
semi-tangled balls of old cables that I will probably never use.
Though the cables have not been immaculately kept (i.e. they have been
allowed to form a cable ball) they should all be in functional

There are a lot of SCSI cables in these balls, both internal and
external, mostly SCSI-2, SCSI-3, and Ultra2 LVD.  There's a lot of
standard power cables, various power bricks, network cables, USB
cables, a few SCSI terminators from SCSI 1 through SCSI 3, some VGA
<-> 13W3 Sun cables, phone cables, and other stuff in these balls.  I
ran Sun SPARC equipment and a few PCs over the years, so that's where
these cables have come from -- mostly Sun stuff.

I'm absolutely not interested in sorting these things out and I'm
really tempted to toss them in the dumpster, though there's probably
cables of significant value to people on this list.  Therefore, anyone
who wants to inherit my cable balls, may. :)

The "cost" is cost of shipping; the cable balls are somewhat heavy and
I would guess all this mess will be $20-ish to ship in the US.
Alternatively, if you're in the RTP area of NC, I don't mind figuring
out a way to get these cables to you in person for free.  There's a
lot of garbage cables in these balls, certainly, but there's
definitely more than $20 worth of SCSI in here so it should be worth
your while.

If there is a particular cable you want me to check for in the balls
before committing, I'm happy to take a look.  However, I'm not really
interested in piecemealing unless you really want to offer me some
money for the trouble.  And at that point, you may as well just take
the whole ball for cost of shipping and sift out the diamonds from the
rough yourself :)



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