[rescue] Dallas clock-chips, aka "NV"RAM chips

Michaël Thanry mthanry at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 10:40:18 CDT 2014


I couldn't source such chip for an Old Sgi. Took the road of removing the
casing on the left half of the chip to hook up a clip on battery. Took me half
a day but I now have a fully working Dallas chip and no worries about the
battery dying.

Le 11 sept. 2014 ` 13:58, JP Hindin <jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com> a icrit :

> On Wed, 10 Sep 2014, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>>    G'day,
>>    Does anybody know if the old-school Dallas NVRAM/clock chip is still
>> being manufactured, or have they gone the way of the dinosaur?  NOS
>> isn't good enough as the blasted batteries have a shelf-life in addition
>> to their "life under load".
>>    I've got a small farm of SGI Indys here, of which two need to be
>> "reprogrammed" with the MAC address every time the power quits for
>> more than several seconds.
>>    Or is it time to buy myself a Dremel and start doing physical mods
>> to the dead chips?  ("When one has a Dremel, *everything* becomes
>> compatible.")
>>    I want to find the guy who came up with the embedded battery and
>> hurt him.  Why not have the expendable be a separate component?
> From a New Zealander - G'day, maaaaate;
> And I hear you. I'm doing the same thing with a triplet of Ultra5s with
> the newer NVRAM style (has an outer casing to hack through first) which
> apparently no one has done (or, at least, admits to doing).
> I was unable to find any of the Sun NVRAMs except from resellers of Sun
> gear (they used to be listed at places like digikey and mouser, but no
> longer are sold) - but lord knows how many minutes of useful life you'd
> get out of a "resold" NVRAM.
> Good luck to you sir;
> - JP
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