[rescue] SS5/Netra Progress of sorts...

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Sep 10 20:33:23 CDT 2014

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Subject: [rescue] SS5/Netra Progress of
From: William Barnett-Lewis 
Date: Wed, September 10, 2014 7:14 pm
To: "rescue at sunhelp.org" <rescue at sunhelp.org>

So I sigh, hang my terminal
off the serial port and there we are. Dead
NVRAM but everything else seems to
pass. So for giggles I pop in the
OpenStep 4.2 installer and "boot cdrom" It
does it's thing but when
the installer I get a watchdog reset. Hmm.
Try again. Same result.


I agree that the NVRAM issue probably aborted
both installs in this
case, but I'm also pretty sure that NeXTSTEP/OpenSTEP
won't install/run
in text-only mode. You'll need some kind of monitor on that
thing for


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