[rescue] Dallas clock-chips, aka "NV"RAM chips

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Wed Sep 10 20:25:35 CDT 2014


    Does anybody know if the old-school Dallas NVRAM/clock chip is still
being manufactured, or have they gone the way of the dinosaur?  NOS
isn't good enough as the blasted batteries have a shelf-life in addition
to their "life under load".

    I've got a small farm of SGI Indys here, of which two need to be
"reprogrammed" with the MAC address every time the power quits for
more than several seconds.

    Or is it time to buy myself a Dremel and start doing physical mods
to the dead chips?  ("When one has a Dremel, *everything* becomes

    I want to find the guy who came up with the embedded battery and
hurt him.  Why not have the expendable be a separate component?


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