[rescue] SS5/Netra Progress of sorts...

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 19:14:51 CDT 2014

So thanks to the grand munificence of the list, I have a 13w3 to 13w3
monitor cable in hand.

And I learn that the 20" monitor won't power up (head, meet desk.)

So I sigh, hang my terminal off the serial port and there we are. Dead
NVRAM but everything else seems to pass. So for giggles I pop in the
OpenStep 4.2 installer and "boot cdrom" It does it's thing but when loading
the installer I get a watchdog reset. Hmm. Try again. Same result.

Next step, put in my SunOS 4.1.4 disk as the SS5 was on the OK list for
that. Boot it and it tries to start but the kernel fails when it tries to
load the machine type from NVRAM. Ah! sez I. Possibly what the OpenStep
installer was doing in it's opaque way as well.

If I am understanding this sequence correctly, all I should need it to pick
up a MT48T08 RTC chip from a vendor (I have digikey up in another tab),
install it and reprogram it from the the prompt?

I see that Digikey has two types listed: 100PC1 & 150PC1 which I am
guessing refers to the speed of the part? Which is needed by a SS5?

Oh, that reminds me, if I scrounge another SCA 1 or 2 gb drive, I can have
one loaded with OpenStep and one with SunOS and choose which to boot into
from the prompt?


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