[rescue] U40 and x4100 available

Ben Greisler ben at kadimac.com
Sun Sep 7 15:52:25 CDT 2014

I have a few pieces of Sun gear sitting around collecting dust. I am done with
them and if anyone has something useful to do with them, great.

Ultra40 upgraded with an U40 M2 mother board with dual CPUs, but never run
with the M2 MLB in it. Will also include the original MLB with dual Opteron
254s. It has TWO yes TWO drive backplanes for a total of 8 drive bays. It
originally didn't have an optical drive, but I added the proper Sun unit, but
I don't have the right face plate for it, so that is
removed. Great ZFS box with 8 drive slots possible.

I also have two x4100's with dual 73GB SAS drives, dual PS, 2x2.8GHz CPU's
8GB RAM each. They were Sun refurbs I bought for a project that never
happened. I have the rail kits for them
too. They are sitting in my rack powered down. One was used for a short time
to host a website.

I dont feel like shipping these since I dont have the packing material
anymore, but I am more than happy to have them picked up from me. I am in the
western suburbs of Philadelphia.

Cost? Nothing really. They served my purpose and I would like to see them do
to someone who could do productive with them. If you want to trade something
Apple, great, otherwise keep me from stubbing my tow on the U40 that is
sitting under my desk.



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