[rescue] Solaris licensing

Andrew Hoerter amh at pobox.com
Sun Sep 7 12:10:37 CDT 2014

On 9/4/14, Andrew Jones <andrew at jones.ec> wrote:

> On 09/04/2014 04:58 PM, hike wrote:
>> When Scott McNealy failed to kill Sun Microsystems, Inc., Larry Ellison
>> stepped in to finish the job.
> Larry is making a profit.  Sun's own executives failed to do so.

Making a profit is relatively easy, the hard part is doing it in a
sustainable manner, so that the company survives and grows over time.
Of course, that was never the intent of the Oracle acquisition.  Once
the revenue stream from milking ex-Sun customers can't be sustained
any longer even at obscene Oracle prices, the only thing left of Sun
will be the patent portfolio and associated IP.

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