[rescue] sol-nv-b130-sparc-dvd and/or tadpole drivers for sparcle1000/viper

TBD kyle000 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 22:41:01 CDT 2014

hey everyone, I am looking for sol-nv-b130-sparc-dvd. It's the b130 release
of openindiana (which should have almost everything supported that I care
about for the laptop). I can't find it online - does anyone happen to have
it? And/or does anyone have links to a mirror of the tadpole software? I
finally decided to spend the $40 for a universal laptop charger so now I
have a nice 1GHz sparc laptop :) I know I have other alternatives for OS'
to run on this, but would rather just run solaris/OI.


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