[rescue] Gear available: Central Ohio

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Mon Oct 13 14:44:48 CDT 2014


About time I get around to clening up stuff I don't need/can't use/don't 
have time for/gear I don't want that should avoid the scrapper.


3x 220VAC APC SmartUPS (serial, 2 rebadged, 1 no batteries, 2 dead 
1x Sun Fire V480 Chassis, no boards, no key, centreplane present, RSC 
available, PSUs available
1x Proliant 7000 (Basically dead, rusted to hell...I scrapped for useful 
1x ProLiant 580 g...whatever the quad P4 on before the 585 was, no need 
for this with a 585
1x Sun Fire V210 (I had use for it ages ago, no need for it now)
1x Broken SGI Monitor (PSU seems dead)
1x Cisco 3745 (Scrapped of memory and CF cards...everything else should be 
there albeit in pieces.  One fan is missing)

If anyone else is looking for anything in particular ask.  If you want 
pictures, ask.

All of this is more-or-less FTGH except for maybe the UPSes...I'd like to 
get maybe enough for a dinner out of those.

Located not far from Columbus.

Cory Smelosky
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