[rescue] Inside Solaris newsletter

Andrew Hoerter amh at pobox.com
Thu Oct 2 09:26:37 CDT 2014

On 10/2/14, Jason T <silent700 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have completed scanning the 33 issues I was given of "Inside
> Solaris," a monthly newsletter for admins of the Solaris operating
> system.  This is just a small slice of the total run, which went from
> 1995 to ??.  My scans cover all of 1999 and 2000 as well as parts of
> 1998 and 2001:

Thanks for doing this, Jason.  Your mail was a reminder that I've got
some of these newsletters myself.  I have these issues from each year:

1996: 3-5, 7-12
1997: 1-3, 7-12
1998: 1-6
1999: 4

I don't have the equipment to scan them myself, but if there's enough
interest I would be happy to cover the postage to anyone who wants to
get this stuff digitized.

Speaking of scanning, are there any resources out there for figuring
out the ideal scanners to buy or pitfalls to avoid when sucking in old
documentation?  Maybe my google-fu is deficient.  The bitsavers.org
page has a quick blurb on what they use, but it would be nice to read
in more detail how people are saving classic computing documents.

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