[rescue] FTGH: Bonuses!

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Nov 30 15:24:00 CST 2014

Oh, hey, I was cleaning up my Huge Cabinet of Cables and ran across a box
of Raritan 1395 Sun 13w3(M) to VGA(F) cable adapters.  I have 25 of them.

If you help me clean out my workshop by claiming any of the "FTGH" stuff
I've posted, I'll happily include a couple of those or an Allied Telesyn
AUI<->10baseT MAU or an active SCSI terminator.  Just ask for whichever
would benefit you the most.

No, I won't send any separately until all the other stuff has cleared out.
The goal here is to simplify my life; I've come to the realization that
I'm a software guy and a musician, and all this old Unix stuff will make
someone else happier.

Jonathan Patschke | "Do the difficult things while they are easy and do
Elgin, TX         |  the great things while they are small."
USA               |                                           --Lao Tzu

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