[rescue] FTGH: Books and More Software

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Thu Nov 27 23:13:22 CST 2014

As before, any/all of this is available for the cost of shipping plus
whatever donation/tip you'd like to leave on top of that.  Unless
otherwise specified, media kits are complete, with manuals, and in their
original boxes.


    Two copies of OS/400 V4R5 on 8GB tape for AS/400 9401-150; bare tapes,
    probably bootleg copies

    Two blank 8GB tapes for an AS/400 QIC drive.

    Solaris 10 media kits (one 1/06 and one 6/06); discs in plastic DVD

    Apple Mac X, an X11 server for Mac OS 7 - 9.

    FrameMaker+SGML 5.1 for Macintosh, with box and manuals.

    Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 for OS X/PPC.  These are upgrades, but I
    have media and keys to upgrade them from that I'll include.

    WordPerfect 5.1 in the big blue box.

    MS-DOS Upgrace v6.0 (Retail box)

    Lots of MSDN folders full of old oddities (circa NT 4.0)


    IBM Online Library Omnibus Edition MVS Collection (MVS/390
    documentation) June 1997 & March 1998.

    DEC RT-11 V03B partial documentation kit: Volumes 1B, 2, 3, and
    Fortran-77 in big blue DEC three-ring binders.

    DEC LSI-11 Systems Service Manual, 5th Edition (1985) Volumes 1 through
    3 in small grey three-ring binders.

    DEC Macro-11 for RSX-11 documentation and self-paced training course
    (courseware and answers).  The binding on the manual has failed, but
    the courseware is wire-bound and in good condition.  Also includes
    Macro-11 for RSX on 9-track tape[1]. :)

    More DEC training materials (as softcover wirebound books in hard
    plastic boxes):
         + Programming DECnet-RSX
         + VMS Operator
         + VMS Utilities & Commands 1

    VAX Architecture Reference Manual, 2nd printing; shabby dustcover,
    otherwise good condition

    VAX Fortran 5.3, User manual in a medium-sized dark grey three-ring

    Reference manuals (Volumes 1 and 2) for HP Common Lisp-II for the HP
    9000/300 as small-ish grey three-ring binders.

Software left over from the previous list:

    dBase IV 1.1 for DOS, 5.25" disks in a big cuboidal box with manuals in

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Academic Edition

If you're in the Austin area, I will happily bring any of this to you.

This is all destined for Goodwill, come mid-December or so.

[1] All the other tapes I got in this lot were in boxes and had been wiped
     to the point of levitation by the previous owner.  However, this tape
     was tucked away in a box of documentation and sandwiched between
     manuals, so it may have escaped that fate.
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