[rescue] Machinery, free for local pickup in Germany

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Mon Nov 24 14:59:05 CST 2014


The Unix-AG has several machines taking up space. Those machines have
not seen any use in many years. So we would like to give them into good
hands. If YOU don't take the machines they will hit the dumpster, sooner
or later. I can't rescue them. My flat is completely out of space.
Problem: Local pickup in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Take them all, take
only part of it. We don't care. As long as we can get rid of the stuff.

Available is:
- about half a dozen HP9000 B2600
- about half a dozen RS/6000 43P-100/-133
- about half a dozen RS/6000 44P-170
- one RS/6000 F50
- one Sun Enterprise 450 + the guts of an other E450
- one Sun Enterprise 250 + the guts of an other E250
- some Sun OEM thing, basicly a rackmount U60, dual 400 or 440 MHz.
- one or two Sun Ultra 5
- one or two Sun Ultra 10
- one or two SparcStation 5 and 20 each.
- Myrinet switches, cables and PCI adapters. (Copper and fiber optic.)
- probably a SGI Indigo R4k and an Indigo2 R8k.
- some minor stuff I forgot about.

I may throw in some HP9000/700, SPARC and RS/6000 stuff from my private
collection... (I need space to work on my PDP-11/34 and its Tektronix


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