[rescue] I need to "up my game" a bit

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sun Nov 23 15:08:07 CST 2014

    Good afternoon,

    One of the things I do in my copious spare time (yeah, right!) is
do porting, compatiblility, and packaging work for the Icinga Project,
and it looks like the kit I have here (a farm of Netra T-1 105s) is
getting a bit long in the tooth for the task at hand.

    I converted a lot of stuff to ZFS last year, and because of the
memory demands thereof lost the ability to run zones.  This wan't a
killer, but it nonetheless hurt as I find zones entirely useful

    The memory requirements of what's coming out of the Icinga
project today, at least as it concerns the Web and Icinga 2 bits
overwhelm my 1 GB systems rather handily and have them page-thrashing
in no time flat.

    So, the upshot is that I need, as the subject line stated, to "up
my game" in the hardware arena.

    The most modern bit of Sun kit I have first-hand experience with
is the SunFire V2xx series of machines.  I know that there are newer
bits available, but am not aware of what they may be, nor what the
restrictions on use thereof are.  I'd love a fully tricked-out V240,
but the noise there from would likely drive me bats (15,000 RPM fans
are almost painful to me).

    So, here's the question: "What's available for a reasonable price,
reasonable power-consumption, reasonable noise-level, and reasonable
restrictions on use that has a SPARC heart (Intel can go pound sand)
and can handle a "modern" load?


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