[rescue] free 3b2 on craigslist in DFW area

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Walt Disney's Epcot Center has/had a ride/exhibit that had an escalator
carry the people through a vision of the future.  (It was quite similar to
"The Jetsons" cartoon show except these were real items.  An AT&T 3B2 was
on the desk in the room of the future.  When Epcot opened (1970s/1980s?) it
was an avant grade looking thing.  Much slicker than the original PCs and
compatibles.  My last trip through was 1992 and the 3B2 was still there.
The whole display/exhibit looked "retro".  Still cool but retro cool.  That
was 22 years ago.  I wonder if it was still there.  My first UNIX device
was a used 3B2.  It helped me get into sysadmin work.

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> > <rant>
> >
> > See, the problem with the craigslist free section is that these will
> > probably get picked up first by someone who has no idea what to do with
> > them but wants them simply because they're free.
> Also, by people in US, because USUS/UPS/DHL dares to charge a lot for
> stuff to be sent to europe >.>
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