[rescue] 64 Meg CF Card

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Tue May 27 16:43:17 CDT 2014

> Funny you should ask: have been looking at instructions for pulling bad
> ghrd
> drives out of old iPods and substituting an adapter and then either a CF
> card
> or an SD card (via a second adapter).
> - Will

I've actually done that, pulled the old HD from an iPod and replaced it
with CF card
and adapter.   Works quite well.   There were some tradeoffs that I was on
the fence about
1) Replace the battery at the same time? (a lot of the old ones don't have
a lot of cycle time
left) and 2) What mounting since the CF w/adapter is much smaller than the
old HD.

On #1, I found out that the battery "got some new life" when it wasn't
having as much draw
on it as it was with the HD.  (it went to my brother-in-law who works
construction, and so far
it's still holding up).

On #2, I ended up adding some additional foam to make sure it didn't move
around in the case.
And so far (in a construction env) it's holding up...

So a fairly easy change (though 64 Meg isn't what I'd use... I'd go with 64
GB :-)... I went with a 32 GB
on the last one I did)


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