[rescue] e3500 and more in Chicago area

Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Sun May 25 22:47:16 CDT 2014

Hello everyone, this weekend I finally cleared out my old house to may way for
renters and now that all of my crap is in one place, its very clear that I
need to get rid of some stuff.

I picked up a total of three e3xxx chassis and two a5xxxx arrays from a
customer I was working with a few years ago.  One e3k/a5k combo went to a
friend of mine and I kept the rest.  I combined parts to make one 8 cpu e3500.
I played around with it some, but i dont think I ever even got as far as
installing a usable OS on it before i let it sit for a couple years.  Along
with machines I also have some tape drives, manuals, a5k rack mount kit,
cables, etc..  All of it is up for grabs, Id like to see this stuff go to a
good home.

I also have a 4x pentium pro machine that was my home fileserver for several
years, but i stopped using several years ago. :)  It is is a desk side case
that i kept in the bottom of my rack when i ran it.  It also has a Mylex RAID
adapter and 12x 18.2GB SCSI SCA hard drives.  I honestly cant remember how
much memory is in it.  Also free to a good home.

These machines are located at my home which now looks like something you might
have seen on that hoarders TV show.  Waukegan, IL 60085.  If you have any
interest, please let me know, I really dont want to move these things again
in a few months and I also really dont want it to go to a scrapper.

Ill have some more stuff to get rid of soon as i slowly go through things,
but these are the biggest and taking up the most room right now.

	-Dan Sikorski

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