[rescue] interesting things to do with a modem

Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Fri May 23 11:50:32 CDT 2014

Hey John,

The BBS Corner maintains a list of Dial-up BBS'es that are still active.


I was looking into this myself a few years ago after digging out my 
Commodore 64 and finding my old 1200 baud modem before sense kicked in.

On 5/23/14, 9:28 AM, John Floren wrote:
> For the first time in a while, I've found myself in possession of both
> a modem and a landline phone. Of course I already have fast Internet
> access, but I'm wondering if there are any interesting things you can
> still dial in to? Any BBSes still active with a phone line? UUCP
> networks for netnews?
> john
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Thank you very much!
Rick Hamell

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