[rescue] Media/tarball of old version of NetApp ONTAP?

stephen price sd_price at yahoo.com
Thu May 22 20:49:16 CDT 2014

7.3.7 ??
mine is an exe I think - havent looked in a while - dont think it
was a tarball



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Media/tarball of old version of NetApp ONTAP?

I'm wondering if anyone
happens to have the installation tarball of ONTAP
6.5.7 for Intel laying
around... I was going to swap heads (F760 -> F820)
but only have the Alpha
version handy; I think I deleted the Intel code
when I sold off my old F820
ten years ago.  They no longer provide access
through NOW to versions that
ancient, and my local field rep has been very
busy and hard to get ahold of
lately. :-/

I've got valid licenses (this is strictly hobbyist/non-commercial
use) and
just need the software.  Somewhere in the bowels of my old Legato
backup archives I'm sure I still have a copy, but I'm not sure any
of the
old DLT 7k drives in my jukebox are functional at this point... any
Toasters-at-Home travelers lurking about?


-- Chris
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