[rescue] Update on the Netra X1

Majdi S. Abbas msa at latt.net
Wed May 21 07:54:13 CDT 2014

On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 07:55:29AM -0400, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> There are two IDE ports, each of which can handle two devices - in theory you
> could cobble something together with 4x IDE laptop drives, a 2 in 1 drive tray
> adapter and some fun cabling to get close to 480 Gigs (4x120 drives) of
> storage in the box...
> But it's still a 400 MHz USIIe CPU...

	You can put a 500 in there, or, as I did, take a 650 from an 1125 and
underclock it at 500:

real memory  = 2147483648 (2048 MB)
avail memory = 2084618240 (1988 MB)
cpu0: Sun Microsystems UltraSparc-IIe Processor (500.00 MHz CPU)

	It helps a little.  It's still a slow machine, but fast enough
for the purposes I use this one.


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