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Mark G Thomas Mark at Misty.com
Sun May 18 20:16:12 CDT 2014


The CFFA cards are great--worth the wait and every penny of the $150.

Be sure also to check out the Apple Game Server and Apple Disk Server, which 
load software on the fly to the Apple via it's cassette input!  




On Thu, May 08, 2014 at 07:05:21AM -0400, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> I did come across that card but they are (currently) sold out and when
> available are $150.
> I do like the idea though, very appealing.

> > Go look at the CFFA card:
> > http://dreher.net/?s=projects/CFforAppleII&c=projects/CFforAppleII/main.php
> > It makes using the Apple ][ machines a walk in the park. I love mine.
> > Disk
> > images for just about any Apple ][ software you can think of are
> > "out there".

Mark G. Thomas (Mark at Misty.com)

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