[rescue] components (PCI, SBUS, AGP, UPA, ISA and MORE!)

Jonathan Katz jon at jonworld.com
Sat May 17 20:51:13 CDT 2014


You know I'm cleaning house as a part of the move. Most of the big
iron is spoken for. The smaller iron like the SGI Fuel, E3000, V240
still need homes. However, I also have a ton of stand-alone
cards/components that can be useful. Not just SUNW stuff, either.

Most everything is FFS with a few exceptions...

501-1185 (SE SCSI)
501-4375 (SC-SC Gigabit Ethernet fiber)
370-1704 (Fast/Wide/Differential SCSI, LVD AFAIK)
JNI FC64-1063 fiberchannel adapter. It has a DB-9 on the outside, but
I have a DB9->SC adapter.

501-4127 (Creator 2D)

375-0005 aka X6540A aka SYM22801 32 bit  Symbios Logic PCI SCSI card
with umpteen channels on it. This also has the mini external
connectors and I have 6m cables for them. This is one of the cards I'd
like a little $$$ for, since I do have the fancy cables ($50 OBO)

348-0036 aka SYM22802 another 32 bit Symbios Logic PCI SCSI card with
a few less connectors on it (no 50 pin connectors for the internal
channels.) I also have the fancy external cables for this, so again
$50 OBO.

375-0002 SC-SC gigabit ethernet 64 bit PCI card.

2x 501-5019 10/100 ethernet (hme)

qLogic SC Fiber Channel HBA QLA2100F/33Mhz (2Gbit/ISP2100A chipset) 64 bit PCI

ATI Rage 3D (PGX 32?) no SUNW P/N on it, but Im 99% sure it came out
of a Ultra 5 or Ultra 10 at one point.

SUNW PCI audio card, but no P/N. This is an interesting one; it came
from an embedded unit based on the Sun AXi board which was used in an
MRI machine. It's a specially made audio card with a SUNW chip on it,
but it has no external audit connectors (you could solder them on.) ..
it only has internal connectors which were routed to a system speaker.

PC AGP Grahpics:

Matrox G400 Max Dual VGA
nVidia TNT2M64
STB 1X0-0658 (8M nVidia of some sort)
nVidia P118 128M graphics card. GeForce FX5200. Includes splitter cable.
nVidia P117 64M graphics card: DVI and sVideo out.


Philips OEM PCI wave blaster/SB32 (SB16?) --- has line in, line out,
mic, and joystick port.
Vortex OEM PCI Aureal audi, with same IO as above

Genuine 3C905B
3x Generic 10/100 cards (Linksys, etc.)
Compaq 10/100 card (Intel chipset)
2x ne2000 PCI clones (10 Mbit with both UTP and BNC connectors)
Dual port 10/100/1000 64bit PCI card, Intel chipset.

Genuine 28.8k modem (not win modem)

ne2000 clone NIC, UTP, AUI and BNC.
IDE & IO controller; no cables, but has IDE controller, floppy
controller, serial, parallel and game ports.
14.4k modem (not win modem)

"short?" PCI connector
winmodem :(

nVidia GForce 6600 512M of RAM?

Laptop Junk:
2GB PC2-6400 (HP OEM)
1GB PC2-6400 (HP OEM)
PCI-E WLAN HP 459339-001 (no idea on chipset) 802.11b & g
256M PC2-5300S (ex Apple OEM)

Looking through chips, I'll do a separate post for RAM.

Jonathan Katz, Indianapolis, IN.

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