[rescue] Sun 3/110 Netbooting...

David Brownlee abs at absd.org
Fri May 16 14:06:36 CDT 2014

On 16 May 2014 15:15, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:

> 4) netboot NetBSD and write miniroot
> That's something that I have thought about.  The question ends up being
> where do I put all the rest of the SW to install...
> I guess it would be in a different partition on the same disk?   This of
> course starts to cross over onto the other thread,
> I'd have to have a working disk (or substitute).   Not quite there yet...

In order to write the miniroot to the swap partition you have to have
partitioned the disk :)
Once you've partitioned the disk you could just tar the remaining SunOS
files to the last partition and try that instead of st0 for extracting.

At least an avenue to explore (though it's frustrating to feel this close,
> esp. with the Boot: prompt.... that's the first "it's really working"
> feedback I've gotten on the Sun 3... and it felt really good to finally get
> to that point after all these years of working on this box...)

An interesting variation might be to netboot & install NetBSD, then put a
SunOS kernel and files into a new partition and use the NetBSD boot blocks
to boot that

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