[rescue] Sun 3/110 Netbooting...

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Fri May 16 11:08:34 CDT 2014

>> Step 3: Figure out what the /tftpd directory configuration should be
>> for Sun OS 3.5 netbooting

>> This one I haven't had any real success in looking up.   I believe I
>> have some good images of the tapes for Sun OS 3.5, they unpack ok.
>> However translating the tapes into what should be there to boot the
>> machine, that's a different problem.

It's been a long time since I dealt with SunOS 3.x, but I think the
remarks about ndboot are probably correct.

I do have some Sun-3 hardware I could dig out (at least one -3/260 and
at least one -3/60; surely at least one among them still works); if you
don't mind giving me access to the tapes' contents, I can have a stab
at dredging stuff out of my memory and, if I succeed, describe what I
had to do.  I don't think I still have any copies of SunOS 3 anywhere,
or I'd have a stab at it immediately.

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