[rescue] Sun 3/110 Netbooting...

r.stricklin bear at typewritten.org
Fri May 16 03:31:04 CDT 2014

On May 15, 2014, at 10:56 PM, Earl Baugh wrote:

> Step 3: Figure out what the /tftpd directory configuration should be for
> Sun OS 3.5 netbooting

you need the network boot program (ndboot.sun3). if you download the tape or
disk boot programs, you'll get the behavior you describe. the filename is the
hexadecimal representation of the client IP address, and it's a symbolic link
to ndboot. if it ends with an nd partition name, that partition will be used
for booting the client (ndboot.sun3.pub0, ndboot.sun3.pub1,
ndboot.sun3.private, etc.). vmunix comes from the remote mounted nd partition,
and obviously if that's not available you're not going to get far.

you will need an 'nd' server as sunos 3.5 doesn't understand NFS for diskless
clients. ISTM you're unlikely to get anywhere at all with OS X, as the ndbootd
implementation in NetBSD is not sufficient for diskless operation under


until further notice

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