[rescue] Sun 3/110 Netbooting...

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri May 16 00:56:52 CDT 2014

Howdy again,

Well, I've made  "some" progress but now have to rely on more of the
collective knowledge of the rescue folks.
Here are the steps I've been attempting and results...

Step 1 : Get Sun 3/110 to obtain IP address via RARPD on Mac.

I have successfully got the Sun 3/110 obtaining an IP address from the Mac
(directly!) using tftpd and rarpd
Seems to work consistently.

Step 2 : Get Sun 3/110 to download file via TFTPD on Mac

I have successfully got the Sun 3/110 to download a file from the Mac where
it has gotten it's IP address from.
I can tell it's downloading the file I expect by the number of bytes and
when I change the file I get different download totals.

Step 3: Figure out what the /tftpd directory configuration should be for
Sun OS 3.5 netbooting

This one I haven't had any real success in looking up.   I believe I have
some good images of the tapes for Sun OS 3.5,
they unpack ok.   However translating the tapes into what should be there
to boot the machine, that's a different problem.

In Step 2, I've tried downloading "boot" which does download and then
generates "Exception 0x10 at 00004014".
I tried downloading "vmunix" which does download, but then hangs the
monitor (it goes to black, and doesn't seem to come
back...maybe I've not waited long enough, but I didn't recall the screen
hanging long, long ago when I did this.
(as a side note, on Step 1, when it succeeds, it's lightning fast, and gets
into Step 2 pretty much immediately.. about as fast
as it can print the text... when it's not set up correctly, it drags and

So, the question is does anyone have a directory listing of a Sun OS 3.5
client boot directory structure, including the /tftpboot
area?   It feels like I'm close...



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