[rescue] TME and Apple II and other Drive emulator questions.

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Wed May 14 09:58:52 CDT 2014

>>> Man, as much as I want a 5000$ single family home, I want to not
>>> get shot more.
>> I hear theys lotsa guns in Texas.
> And an armed society makes for a polite society.


But I prefer politeness that arises from kindness rather than fear.
Maybe that's just me.

> Texas has its ups and downs like any place, but whats not to like?

That depends, of course, on the individual person.

Personally?  It's part of the USA (with all that implies, such as the
cult of the handgun and the cult of the car); it's hotter overall than
here (Ottawa), which is quite warm enough for my taste already; and,
while this may be somewhat out of date, I have the impression that it
is hostile to nonconformists, such as those who do not follow Christian
religious ways, or who are not vanilla mono cis hetero sexually, who
aren't fluent in one of the local majority languages, or aren't one of
the local majority subraces of humanity.  (I am carefully not stating
which of those nonconformances would be problems for me personally; I
value inclusivity even when I am not part of the minority being

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