[rescue] SparcStation in FPGA

Chase Rayfield cusbrar2 at yahoo.com
Tue May 13 14:12:29 CDT 2014

With Lionel mentioning The Stromasys emulators I thought I would mention this
too... temlib.org has an FPGA implementaiton of a sparcstation in VHDL. The
license is currently redistributable without modification but that might
change ( BSD or LGPL at least I hope someday). Also last I checked the
stromasys emulators were crippled (50Mhz single cpu) unless you pay up... and
also don't have graphics output.

I think Olivier Danet is writing it but I
can't be sure as it doesn't actually say so anywhere. 

Here is a link to a
video of it running Redhat 4.2
Note: I have nothing to do with it just noticed it and posted about it on
various sites since it doesn't seem to be very well publicized.

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