[rescue] TME and Apple II and other Drive emulator questions.

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Mon May 12 17:19:33 CDT 2014

Steve wrote:

 I own both a CFFA card and the FloppyEmu. As far as getting the disk
images on the SD card for the FloppyEmu, it's as simple as putting a FAT
formatted card into the slot on my iMac and dragging the disk images
onto the card.  You plug the SD into the Emu, then the EMU into the Mac
and power it up. The EMU has an LCD where you can pick the disk image
you want, and then it will boot up from that. When you need to switch a
disk, you can choose the next image on the EMU when the machine
prompts for the disk and it will continue on. Makes things like installs of
System 7 that have a bunch of disks go much easier.

That said, I don't find it to be much faster than regular floppy access,
but as far as managing media, it's much better than stacks of floppies.
EMU understands folders on the SD card, so you can organize to your
hearts content.

Thanks for the info, that sounds pretty darn attractive.  I've mailed about
the emulator
(I'd prefer to have one without the extension cable, esp given it's more
$$) and there should
be some of the non-extension versions up later this week.   I'll probably
get one then..
I've got, oh, probably 20-60 Macs that I'm currently restoring (yes that
number is correct...
they got delivered on a wooden palette... told my wife I was getting "a few
computers" which
was true according to my defn of "few"... less than 100 :-)

Having one thing that has all the images, at least for initial diagnosis /
set up, should work well.
I'm curious on a couple other fronts though...

1) Adapters for things like the various mac laptops... I know some of them
have some odd ports,
any thoughts / experience with adapter cables?
(I'll have to check, I know the SCSI drives have that square odd cable..
but there might still be a standard
floppy connector... )

2) Have you found good sources for replacement hard drives in say a
powerbooks?  Most are SCSI
but not sure what sort of thing might "fit" inside them... I'm not sure the
SCSI2SD will... and pretty sure
the connectors won't work.


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