[rescue] Looking for Sparcstation 4 (TN)

David Brownlee abs at absd.org
Mon May 12 14:01:00 CDT 2014

I was chatting to the "keeper of obscure graphics hardware drivers"
for NetBSD (such as cg14/sx/cg12/pnozz) and it turns out he doesn't
have a sparcstation4 with its 8bit tcx.

I wondered if anyone on the list might have one they would be willing
to part with?

Hes busy with other stuff right now but I think its safe to assume it
would be given a loving home and put to real use in its twilight years
(after all, how many people are serious about being able to run kde3
on an accelerated cg14 in a 32 bit sparc box? :)

[He's in TN so US shipping would probably be preferred, and I'm in the
UK so even if I found one here (unlikely) it would be prohibitive to


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